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Matthew McConaughey In Step With ‘Born To Run’

Mike Fleming Jr. January 2015 


EXCLUSIVE: Matthew McConaughey has become attached to star in a Matthew Michael Carnahan-scripted adaptation of Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book,Born To Run: A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, And The Greatest Race The World Has Never Seen. The film is being mobilized by Di Bonaventura Pictures, Outlaw Productions and LD Entertainment. The latter is financing, and Mickey Liddell, Deb Newmyer and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are ...

'The Sing-Off' recap: One night, six groups, 800 blazers

Jodi Walker December 2014


Well, here we are, at the most wonderful time of the year: The Sing-Off is back, and you can never really know for how long, so cherish every minute, even when they all come on the same night. In its fifth season of dodging the eviction notice NBC keeps hiding in Shawn Stockman’s dressing room, The Sing-Off returned as a one-night, two-hour holiday special. And even at just two hours—half the length of a typical singing show’s weekly allotment—I stand by this being the best happiest show...

Toronto Film Review: ‘The Good Lie’

Peter Debruge September 2014


A good lie, according to Huckleberry Finn, is a prevarication where the “rightness” of the outcome excuses the “wrongness” of having fibbed in the first place. The good lie of “The Good Lie,” therefore, is that this true(ish) story of Sudanese refugees emigrating to America is a Reese Witherspoon movie, when in fact, she doesn’t show up until 35 minutes into an uplifting and overly earnest picture that isn’t really about her character at all — nor should it be. But if that mistruth helps spread the word about the Sudanese situation, earning Warner Bros. a pretty penny in the process...


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